Value of food


When it comes to food, I am one of those people who are willing to save on clothes, makeup, etc just to eat better and more of it.  I know different people have different views of how they perceive the idea of food because some eat just because they need to survive while others enjoy the luxury of high quality taste.  Eating out on a regular basis, I have developed a guideline/concept of looking at food in a whole new different way. 

My perception

After being finance major, I have perceived this world with terminology from finance to relate to my every life. And Of course my everyday life would definitely include Food and lots of it.  Food is not only means of survival but it also marks value in terms of class and money. Queen Elizabeth I’s era had their separation of a high class vs low class society.  People of low class would eat vegetables, fruits and fish while the upper class like Queen Elizabeth herself gets to dine in exquisite dishes made with fine ingredients and meat.  In this case, how exactly is food measured in terms of value of its money?

I noticed that dishes served in very small portions of food with nice presentation and appearance tend to be more expensive than dishes with bigger portions but had a less appealing appearance.  In this case, food is seen from how much it’s worth based on its capital value  like how stocks are observed for their worth.  Money that’s put in an account with accumulated compound interest is worth more when you let it sit for longer.  Wine is a very good example of this because the longer the wine sits for, the larger the worth values it becomes. 

Value for your food Dollar

Most people now a day’s tend to worry more about their health rather than dealing with how much it’s worth.  Companies have come up with excellent marketing strategies to sell their food by hiring people to score their nutritional value and adding healthy marks on the outside of product labels.  Labels like “all natural “, “organic”, “includes acai berry” are popular labels that attracts people in buying their products.  Many restaurants have also started listing calorie numbers next to their dishes and claiming they use all fresh natural ingredients as tactics to attract customers.  Dr. Lars Perner at Marshall school of business have provided a detail written work of marketing strategies that companies use. 

It’s important that we really look the food we spend on and how much of it is really worth what we’re paying for in reality.  Restaurants are nice to go once in a while but spending wise can really hurt your wallet.  Like my mom always said “home cooking is the healthiest.”


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