Spending on cosmetics


As a young female college student, I, myself often get suckered into buying new advertised cosmetic products.  Although I know on the back of my head that they are all a waste of money and prices are very expensive, I still can’t hold back from buying them on once in a while.  I’ve been using branded cosmetic products and skin care products ever since I was fifteen.  As I grew older, I realize that brand isn’t important but rather what’s inside the product truly matters.  So I ask myself, what is it that made me think all these years that brand is such a big issue to not only me but to a lot of young females?  The truth is companies want us to believe that the bigger and well known brand, the better and effective their product will work on your skin.  It’s almost like we’ve been hypnotized by all these advertisements and the display work from counters in malls.  What’s the difference between a $10 Walgreens eyeliner vs. a well known brand for $25? Matter of fact, there might not even be a difference in terms of ingredients and how effective they work but rather the brand that matters. 

Hidden truth about cosmetics

Before you start spending all your paychecks on expensive cosmetics, you should think about the alternatives to a cheaper similar product.  What do I mean by that? I like the idea of saving money and forming budgets relating to how we spend our money in everyday life. According to the article,” A cosmetic industry overview for cosmetic chemist” by Perry, the cosmetic industry pockets $170 billion a year.  The cosmetic industry is making a fortune producing expensive products to attract females of all ages.  No matter what age you may be, beauty is never something any female will discard or forget about.  It’s important to look young and beautiful but being smart about your spending strategies is also important.  You can kill two birds with a stone for being beautiful and smart while saving money.   

There are many sites that provide  helpful tips on how to save on cosmetics

A cosmetic industry overview for cosmetic chemist” by Perry is a very intersting article that talks about the hazards of makeup. 

Organic food is becoming more popular nowadays and people are really trying to cut back on eating unhealthy.  If organic food is important, why not think about cosmetics in the same way.  In fact, there are a lot of harmful chemicals in cosmetics that we don’t know about.

Toxic ingredients that are inside many brand name products. 

I’ve recently been a fan of natural makeup brands that end up in Whole foods and many natural food markets.  They contain ingredients that are good on the skin for a very good price also.  Making decisions on what types of products to buy is really like putting two different products on a scale.  You really have to make priorities to what you really want for yourself who may include whether brand name is important, price of the product and the ingredients.


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