about myself …

I was born in Vietnam and came to the United states when i was 2 years old.  Even though i was  born in Vietnam, i do not know how to speak vietnamese but instead i speak cantonese at home.  My parents are chinese and both their families  moved to Vietnam before they were born.  I’ve been working at bank of america for six years already and plan to find a job in the finance field when i graduate next semester.  When i entered college, i picked my major as accounting found little interest in the field and later changed to finance.  I found interest in the subject of fianncial planning and learning how to budget your money accoridng to risks. 

The purpose of this blog is for my Eng 414 course.  I will be discussing about business topics relating to the idea of how to save money.  I wanna be able to relate business strategies i learn in fiannce  to the different elements of everyday life.  This may include what types of products to choose in order to minimize our costs and maximize product qualtiy and usage.


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